QTP Learning Website Online for Beginners, Step By Step Guide to Learn QTP Interview Questions

QTP Learning Website Online for Beginners, Step By Step Guide to Learn QTP Software Testing Interview Questions

If you like to learn QTP step by step, Then you are on the right place.
Just follow the following steps one by one and Learn QTP step by step in a manner way and become an expert of QTP :-

Step50: VB Script in QTP (Part1)

Step51: VB Script in QTP (Part2)

More About - QTP Automation Software Testing Tool

Testing no doubt is an integral part of software development, without passing this phase none software could be implemented. It involve tasks like extensive low-level interface which could be very laborious and time consuming to do manually, moreover manual approach not always be effective in finding some defects. To make software testing cost effective test automation uses special software to control the execution of tests and compare the actual output to the desired output. It can automate some repetitive testing tasks and formalize testing process that would be difficult to perform manually. Test automation provides fast, reliable, reusable, repeatable and comprehensive way to test software. But automated testing has limitations as every area cannot be feasibly automated and expensive.

Automation testing requires a well defined approach, based on a comprehensive framework, in order to reap maximum benefits. There are various frameworks available for automation, such as: 

• Test Script Modularity Framework

• Test Library Architecture Framework

• Data-driven Automation Framework

• Hybrid Automation Framework

• Keyword-driven Automation Framework

There are various test automation tools available with different requirements can be categorized as data-driven, modularity, Keyword driven, Hybrid, module-based and code driven testing tools. In the Open Source Test Automation Framework, the discrete functional business events that make up an application are described using keywords. This approach fosters code re-usability, optimum utilization of the tool, and greater productivity. Some of these tools are developed by vendors and they charge for using their tools while other are open source free to use and upgrade or automated testing tools may be developed In-house for customized need.

Quick Test Professional (QTP) is functional regression testing tool. It provides suitable environment both for Client server and web based application. It uses VB script as scripting language to specify the test procedure, and to manipulate the object and control application. It also provides features like keyword driven testing, data driven testing. The error handling mechanism of QTP is excellent.

QTP Tool Menu – The tool window has many normal window options like file, edit, view, insert, help and some specific menus like Automate, resource, debug, tool and window menu. Automate menu provides option like Normal Recording, Analog Recording, Low level Recording ,Run ,Stop, Record & Run Steeting and Test Result Viewer. Resource menu allow to manage resources like open local repositories, modify local object, create shared repositories, modify shared objects, Associate Shared repository ,Create Recovery Scenarios & edit Functional Libraries. Debug menu allow to step into ,step over , set out and run to step options while tool menu allow objet identification configuration ,data driver, object spy and virtual object configuration option .

Testing Process- QTP testing process allows creating a test and business component. These tests (business component) allow recording one or more steps which could be used to verify application performs as desired. It involves seven steps. 1.Planning includes preparing infrastructure required, setting configuration, test case selection, analyzing automation test. 2. Generating test - test can be generated by recording session of the application or by building object repository. 3. Enhance Test –by inserting check points, output values, comments, flow control statements, transaction points. It can also be enhanced by calling user defined functions, Parameterization or Regular Expression 4. Debugging Test- debugging can be activated by step by step execution checking values of the variables, noting changes in the values of the variables. 5. Running Test – tests can be executed through framework , normal execution scheduled or batch execution. It can also be executed through AOM scripts.6. Analyzing Result -it allow exporting ,defining or deleting result in QTP result window7. Reporting Defects-it allow tool based defect reporting or manually.
Testing anywhere is the only software which we need for testing of all types of software testing. Test software are differ from level to level or test can be done at any type like Unit testing, integration testing, regression or UI testing. Automate black box testing, acceptance testing, keyword or data –driven testing, run compatibility tests and functional tests. an image recognition tool and an easy to use workflow designer to create test suites for process testing, allowing testers to quickly automate even the most complex testing. An in-built web recorder understands web objects and intelligently records your website test script, allowing you to test web-based applications as well.

Features of QTP Automation Software Testing Tool
  1. This intuitive graphical representation allows you to create and manage high level workflows of your entire suite of regression tests.
    1. Quickly and easily edit tests, if required, to account for changes in an application. This allows testers both flexibility
    and takes away the need to create new tests.

  2. The only software with this most sought after feature that allows you to convert a test script into an EXE and then run that EXE on multiple machines without installing Testing Anywhere on each machine
TestRail is flexible test case management , test execution & result tracking combined with QA project planning in a single, web Based Solution.

  1. TestRail provides a comprehensive solution to organize your test cases, execute tests, collect results, and coordinate testing efforts among your QA team.
  2. With the integrated task lists and time tracking module, you can distribute work evenly across your QA team.

  1. TestRail also lets you automatically project past estimates and actual time spent into the future to predict workload more accurately – a unique feature among Quality Assurance tools.
  2. TestRail in your group and will also ensure a frictionless rollout later on should you decide to stay with it.
  3. If QTP is unable to identify the specific object type class to which the recorded object belongs, QTP identifies it as a Web or Windows Object. Some operations can be performed on the Web or as a Windows Object using keywords.
  4. The date/time function plug-in is included to perform different operations on date/time.
  5. framework supports data-driven testing by importing data from an external data sheet.
  6. data-driven testing by importing data from an external data sheet.
  7. The scripts will be of uniform quality since they make use of the same code.
  8. Test Automation Framework provides both qualitative and quantitative benefits for automation and is highly productive compared to any other framework.
  9. No coding skills required to automate and to review the scripts. The scripts are user friendly with good readability.
  10. The ROI calculator calculates the projected return on investment in U.S. dollars that accumulates over time from creating and automating your tests with Testing Anywhere. 

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