Severity and Priority in Software Testing

Beginners have too much confusion in between Priority and Severity in software testing. By the way, both cases Priority and Severity are used for Issue Tracking in order to declare the significance of the reported bug to development team who is working on that project.
How to Measure the Severity and Priority of Reported Bugs:

Severity of reported Bugs:
explain the importance of any functionality of any function
1. Severity status stands for explain how poorly the variation is affecting the developed project.
2. Severity type can be defined by the QA Team member based on the executed Test Cases and functionality working on project.

Priority of Reported Bugs: Priority deals with the importance of customer requirement mean which requirement is more than another and found bug related to this need to handled on priority:
1. The Status of Priority is also set by the QA Team Member, Which help Developer to know the importance of a defect. If It High priority then the developer need to fix it ASAP.
2. The Status of Priority is set on the based of customer requirement.


1) Low Priority And High Severity: If any functionality breaks after multiple uses of any application (For Example ‘Save’ Button use 100 times at once quickly then that functionality will break).

Simply High Severity Means because application crashed but it can be Low Priority because no need to fix just right now, we can fix it later on (as its can not a valid scenario for many client because there is too much less possibility where user will click on ‘Save’ button 100 times quickly)

2) Low Severity and High Priority: Lets If any Site show  "Yahoo" but now if the logo of website "Yahoo" spells like "Yho" than Priority will be high but severity will be low.

Because the functionality of website is proper but it effects the name of the site so urgent to fix it quickly --- on high Priority base.

Severity and Priority in Software Testing
Severity and Priority in Software Testing

Severity and Priority in Software Testing, real world example of priority and severity, how to measure the Severity and priority of reported Bugs, Simply High Severity Means because application crashed


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  1. Suppose there is one of the e-commerce website, and in one of the page like where u do payment, the logo of company has misspelled rest all the pages are correct. Then what is the priority in that case, Either high or low? Please answers this questions!!


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