Advantages and Disadvantages of Automation Testing, What are the drawbacks or benefits of QTP Tool

Advantages and Disadvantages of Automation Testing, What are the drawbacks or benefits of QTP Tool

What are the drawbacks of QTP?
As of QTP version 10
1) Large numbers of Tests in QTP cover the lots of memory space and increased the high CPU utilization.
  1. Because QTP saved results in the file of HTML (and not txt) therefore folder of result becomes very heavy or big sometimes.

So let us discuss on Advantages First:
  1. QTP is very easy to understand even for non -technical persons, one can easily start just adding test cases.
  2. Playback and Record support, and edit script ability after recording, and different -2 recording modes are given by the QTP i.e. Analog, Normal and Low Level.
  3. QTP have very intelligent Object Identification mechanism or process.
  4. Different Add Ins support for example Oracle, .Net, Java, Web Forms, Siebel, Web Services, People Soft and Main Frame etc.
  5. It provide the ability to let you improve the exist test even without changes the AUT via enable screen.
  6. QTP support the all familiar Automation Frameworks – Data Driven Testing Approach, Keyword driven testing approach, Hybrid frameworks, modular testing approach etc.
  7. Actually QTP has IDE inbuilt, and that is very simple in use.
  8. VB Script use in QTP, make it more easy to use, as VB Script is also easy.
  9. Object Model of Microsoft can be implemented easily in QTP. For Example -Word Document Objects, Outlook Objects, Ado Object, File system object, Excel Objects, DOM etc.
  10. QTP integration is also possible. We can integrate it with any test management tool like QC mean Quality Center, Test Director also and even with functional testing tool i.e. Win runner.
  11. QTP is easy to maintain for different -2 type of suite like Sanity, Smoke, Regression etc.
  12. By default it have inbuilt methods and properties in QTP as well as default in built function of VB.
  13. QTP is Good supporter of XML. IT can be used for database files.
  14. Uses of Excel Files / Database are easy and provides a variety of functions to execute for columns and rows.
  15. Through Configuration It's easy to maintain for test data driving and iterations.
  16. It also provides the Test Reporting with all required or mandatory details for analysis.
Disadvantages of QTP:
  1. QTP have very high cost for its License and Maintenance.
  2. Multiple Threads or instances are not possible to run: for an example the Grid support available in Selenium, where we can run multiple instances of the application on different browsers at the same time.
  3. Execution is slow when compared to open source tool like Selenium.
  4. Definitely we get the support from HP, Only when we purchase / renew the license.
  5. Along with QTP license we required to by following more Add-Ins:
    Java, SAP, Oracle, Seibel, .Net, Peoplesoft etc.

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