Automated Software Test Tools, Test Software Tools, QTP batch testing tool

Automated Software Test Tools, Test Software Tools, QTP batch testing tool

What is QTP batch testing tool?
Yes as the name suggest that QTP Batch Testing Tool, Mean this tool is able to execute and test the multiple scripts available for testing. We also can utilize the Batch testing tool to run more than one scripts in batches. Once the scripts will be added in this tool , Then It will automatically take up the multiple script and will be start running them one by one script

Simple Steps Available:
Go To All programs-> QTP → Tools → Test Batch Runner
Batch tab → Add

Running The series of test cases or the group of test cases is known as Batch Execution or the Batch Testing. Here QTP provides us a separate tool which is called Test Batch runner.

QTP Batch Testing Steps:

  1. Need to develop the individual Tests and one time execution.
  2. 'Test Batch Runner' need to open and then form the batches.
  3. Permissions permitted to 'Test batch Runner' to execute the test.
  4. Execute or Run the Tests Batches from the Test Batch Runner.
  5. Test wise Result can be viewed in the Test Result Viewer.
Point to be Noted -: QTP does not gives the Batch Wise Results.

Launching the Test Batch Runner.
Navigation: Start → program → quickmytest Professional → Tools → Test Batch Runner → File → new → Batch → add → browse path of the test (like this add number of tests) → save with MTB extension (Module test batch) → close the test batch runner.

Executing or Running a Test Batch:
  • First Open the Tool of Test Batch Runner
  • Navigation will be: File → Open → Now Browse the path of the batch test → Batch → Run
  • Note:- Test The Batch Runner Launches Tool of QTP, QTP executes the Test one after one.
  • Note:- Permitted the another options to Run The Tests
  • Navigation:- Tools → Options → Run → Confirm and permit the another product of mercury Then Apply And Ok
    Now Execution of Partial Test Batch:
  • Open the Runner of Test Batch → Now Open the Test Batch → Select or Deselect the Tests → Run the Test Batch
Automated Software Test Tools
Automated Software Test Tools

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