Mobile Game application test cases, Mobile Game Test Cases Testing, Test Cases For Games Apps

Mobile Game application test cases, Mobile Game Test Cases Testing, Test Cases For Games Apps, Mobile Games app Test case, Mobile apps testing checklist, Checklist for Games Apps

Mobile Game Testing with Real Word Test Cases or Scenario

Verify for background music
and sound effect

ON or OFF the sound and background music

Receive the call and test

Verify if sound effect id in sync with actions

ON or OFF device sound(native sound) and verify

Also Verify for vibration effect if available

User Interface Testing
Verify in Landscape or Portrait mode

Verify for animation, movement of graphics, character, Zoom In or Out (all gestures) etc

There must not be any clipping (cutted the background)

verify whether one object overlap with another

Test if loading indicator is shown wherever required

Character must not move out of the screen or specific area

Verify for active and disable images or icons or buttons etc

Test for title of screen

Verify for message title, message description, label (must be appropriate)

Test scrolling

Font shown (color, size etc)

Verify other objects also (ex - if it is  a car race- we need to look at people, road, other objects like building etc)

Performance of Games App
Test the loading time of a game

Confirm that any type of action is not taking considerable time, game flow must be fast

score calculation mobile app

Test leader-boards General  or All time or Weekly or local etc

Verify the score registration functionality

Check the format (whether, comma is required in score etc ideally if client is a foriegner coma must be in million not in thousand )

Test for level completion sync with the score

Time Out
Verify for time out

Do the action when time out yet to happen

Switch between different play games and apps , Test  for Score, sound, timeout, UI etc

Test if game is paused when call received or multitasking or n the sleep mode

Save the Settings
Turnoff and ON device, Test if setting are saved

Log out or On , verify same

User must not loose his game in above one or in all condition

User profile
Put a all images types in Player profile and Test or

Put numbers, special character, space in user-name and Test

Password must be in masked

Chat feature
Verify the profile image

max limit of chat description

Enter empty string, special character & test

For a opponent , there must be a notification that she has received a message

Verify the area or game , game logic

play till last final level

get the cheat codes from development team and test all the levels

Verify for the feature that will be unlocked level wise

Verify for bonus score

Test the score hike when level gets increased

Verify for multi tap action (example in a car race we hold accelerator and left or right turn button simultaneously)

Menu option

Different game modes and location

Help and About Screen
Must be in easily understandable format

free from spelling mistake

URL must be hyper linked (depend)

Multi-player game
Session expiry verification

login or log out

Registration form (Sign Up)

Verify account (receive verification mail)

login with registered but not tested account (without clicking verification link)

Forgot password test (here many cases)

Game flow

Test for WIN or lost or Draw

Test user statistic graph

Challenge or Decline challenge or receive challenge

Test for forfeit

Test when player 2’s turn is on Player 1 is not able to do action (Must not be able to forfeit also)

Verify for pass turn

Verify for time out (for one player)

Verification the score for both the players till game end

Memory leak
Verify the game when device memory decreased to low

Network (n/w) Test
New messages if n/w is not present

Test if what happens when n/w not present and user play a move (whether score submitted for that move etc)

Test for localization
Should be Support of different-2 languages

Verify for time format
Change the device time , format etc

User wont like if our game take lot of device space, so keep care of game file size

Device , OS
Test in supported screen sizes and OS versions (basically depend upon Client requirement)

Depends on platform
Sometime we need to check as per OS guidelines as well. For ex in Wp7 we need to check in 2 background (light or dark).

Test Share options
Post score via mail or FB or Twitter

Test the posted or sent messages in FB or Twitter or Mail. Test the links are hyper-linked and application icon is displayed in
the post (depends)

If twitter integration is a manual ( custom UI developed by developer), verify what happens when we enter more than
140 or max limit chars (as fb limit is 140)

Music playing during apps
If music player running and we start installing any game app, music player must pause without prompting for the user permission.
Steps for testing this:
1. Play the music file.
2. Launch a application.
3. Test that while the application load, it should not pause, resume or stop the smartly playing music.

If app (game) is in execution mode, then Test the behavior of interruption like Bluetooth, Infra red and CALL or SMS or MMS.

Upgrade the game
and its Battery effects
Upgrade of Game to the latest version and while migration all data should persist [ user, score profile etc ]

What if Battery goes down or switched of the cell while playing, Whether the score will get saved or not ....

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