Challenges in Mobile Automation Testing, Remained devices or the Platform In dependency

Challenges in Mobile Automation Testing

It is really urgent for several areas to give mobile application for the mostly general operating systems of mobile and these apps are being complex increment.
When We start the testing our mobile application, We will have to face multiple challenge. That is what we will discuss in this articles.

Remained devices or the Platform In-dependency !
Not like the traditional Web Application and the PC, The range of the potentially support mobile device and the releases level is staggering. When giving the apps of mobiles, It should be present in the store of apps for the iOS device as well as I the Play Store of Google for the Devices of Android and of course for the Window Phone app game stores. Even ignoring the mobiles operating system and the release level, There is a huge numbers of different device with the different-2 screens sizes and the resolution.
Challenges in Mobile Automation Testing
Challenges in Mobile Automation Testing

Therefore it is urgent to have the flexible and robust mobile object base testing tool. In contrast to multiple other mobiles testing solution, Ranorex doesn't built on the base of image test automation, Which have limitation for the above mentioned reasons. It relies on its award winning object recognition mechanisms which allows us to built the robust and the multi devices object paths which form the basis of a satisfying the test experiences.
Remained devices or the Platform In dependency
Remained devices or the Platform In-dependency

Remain Agile !
Just some before, the generally method use for development software has been shifting form the traditional model like the waterfall or the V model to more iterative model. Agile software developments. This is the common for the mobiles developments team because of the short release cycles.

Agile process of developments are the implemented with the use of continuous integrations tools. To keep iteration individual speedily. It is definitely essential to brought automated testing in to the continuous process of integration and like wise in to the agile process of development.
Agile Process
Agile Process

Our test automation for mobiles can easily be integrated in to the continuous integration system with some specific automation mobile testing tool.

Combine Web, Mobile and the Desktop App Testing !
During the deciding to extend our service for mobiles application, it could be urgent to bilateral dependencies of model between the web application or desktop and the mobile apps for our test automation.

We are providing some concrete examples for to make things more straight clear:
We offers cloud base shopping list applications executing as desktop and the web based application on the machines of desktop as well as executing as the mobiles apps on the mobiles device.

With the help of mobile automation tools, it will be easy to switch the context from the web based and desktop automation to mobile automation during the our test recording or the vice versa.

It means that while using the presented example above, we can for the example add one items to our shopping list using the Web – Based application, Validate the existence of the just added the items with the use of desktop applications and deleted it with the help of mobiles apps. 

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