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List of Mobile Web Performance Testing Tools

List of Mobile Web Performance Testing Tools

As all of us know that today the day of mobiles. And World s going to become to become the Mobile today. Therefore in this fast life we required the performance for all. Same for mobiles. So testing of performance is one critical step for all the websites of mobiles. As a fast quick help following will help you much better. We have listed down here some tools which may help you to test the performance of our mobiles apps or websites.

·  Apache JMeter
List of Mobile Web Performance Testing Tools
List of Mobile Web Performance Testing Tools
·  NeoLoad
·  LoadRunner
·  LoadUI
·  WebLOAD
·  Loadster
·  LoadImpact
·  Rational Performance Tester
·  Testing Anywhere
·  OpenSTA
·  QEngine (ManageEngine)
·  Loadstorm
·  CloudTest
·  Httperf
  • Sandstorm
  • Neotys
  • Mobitest
  • IBM Rational Performance Tester
  • Rigor
  • Gomez Mobile RUM
  • Shunra
  • HP Loadrunner
  • Gomez Mobile RUM
  • Infosys Windtunnel
  • Jmeter
  • iOS Instrumentation
  • Borland Silk Performer
Let’s discuss on some of above mentioned list of mobile web performance testing tools:
Apache JMeter: This is the Open source load testing tool. It’s work on application of Java platform. Mainly it considered as the performance tool for testing and it can also be the integrated with the plan of test. Additionally, in the load test plan, we can also build the test plan for functionality.
System requirement for Apache JMeter – IT work under the Windows OS and Unix

NeoLoad : is the performance and load testing software tool: Actually this tool can be use for the analyzing and measuring the performance of the websites. This tool is helpful for the performance and the end result evaluation and for the further steps which can be taken. This tool can help us in the optimizing and improving the performance of our web applications.
System Requirement for NeoLoad: This tool can work with the Linux, Solaris and the Microsoft Windows.

LoadRunner: is the product of HP which can be use for the performance tools of testing.  This can be purchased as the product of HP software division. Also it is very much useful in the determining and understanding the outcome and performance of the system when there is the real load.
System requirements for LoadRunner: Linux and Microsoft Windows are the useful OS for this tool

LoadUI: is the open source stresses tool for testing. Load UI is yet another open source and load software testing use for the measuring performance of website application.
It is the Cross Platform testing tools as the requirement of system.

WebLoad: is also the cross platform testing tool. This is also used for load and stress testing for website applications. We are urgently required to pros and cons to find out the bottleneck of the web applications. By this way this tool is used for load and stress testing.

WAPT: is the testing tool for the measuring of the intranet and websites applcations. WAPT stands for Web Application Performance Tool.
System requirement for WAPT – Windows OS is the first required for the such testing tools.

Loadster: is the based on desktop and it is advanced HTTP load test tool. The web browser can be use for recording the script which is easy and simple to use and recording. So using with GUI we can edited the initial script with the variables used for dynamic to validate the responses.
System requirement for Loadster: Microsoft Windows 7/
Vista / XP

LoadImpact : is the tool for load testing which is mainly to test the services of cloud based. This is also help in the optimization of website and improvising the working of any web applications. This tool generates traffic to the website by simulating user so as to find the stress and the maximum load it can work for.
Requirement for System: are Linux and Windows OS

Rational Performance Tester: is an automated testing tool for measuring the performance which can be used for web applications or the server base application where there is the process of the input and output which is involved. This automation tool generates demo of the original transactions process between the users and the web services.

System Requirement for Rational Performance Tester: are Linux AIX and Microsoft Windows.
Testing Anywhere: is also the automated testing tool which can be employed for the testing performance of any websites, web applications or any another object. Several developer and tester make use if this tool to find out any lack in their web applications and the rectify them accordingly.
System requirement for Testing anywhere: is used for all versions of Windows OS

OpenSTA: is also the open source HTTP performance testing tool. STA means for the Open System Testing Architecture. This is the based on GUI of performance tool used by the applications developer for the load testing and analyzing.
System Requirement for OpenSTA: OpenSTA executes only for Windows OS

QEngine – ManageEngine: QEngine is the most common and easy to use automated testing tools helping in the performance and load testing of our web applications. Multiple developer find it to be the most easy and simple tool to use for finding out any leakage in their websites or web services.
System Requirement for QEngine: is the Linux and Microsoft Windows.

LoadStorm: is the cloud load testing for web application. It is the cheapest available performance and load testing tools. We have the options of the creating our own testing criteria, testing scenarios and test plan. System requirement for Loadstorm is Windows OS.

CloudTest: is the testing tool for performance for the cloud computer. The user or the developer can use the cloud platform as their virtual testing lab. The developer can carry out their performance or the load testing in the cloud platform in the cost effective way via tool of clouttest.
System Requiremnt for SOASTA – It executes on the Window, MAC OS and Linux.

Httperf : is very high automation tool for measuring and analyzing the performance of any website applications or web services. IT is the performance testing tool. Actually this is used to test the HTTP servers and its performances. The main objective of such testing tools would be to count the numbers of the response generated from this specific server.
System requirement for the Windows and Linux.

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नीम की दातुन

अब न पेड़ ढूंढना है और न उस पर चढ़ना है, बस घर बैठे मंगाइए, और लाभ उठाइये आयुर्वेद की इस दुर्लभ इनायत का : नीम की दातुन


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