Mobile Tree | The Mobile App Testing Tools Family Tree

Mobile Tree | The Mobile App Testing Tools Family Tree

It is not the new thing that the customer and the enterprise market is currently awash in the flood of the device of mobiles. As the application is becoming more integrated with the corporate and personal data, the demand for the greater stability and agility grow more mission critical. Fortunately second generation of today in mobile apps testing tool have evolved to permit developer and tester to troubleshoot in the real time, ensuring the smooth user experiences.

But How have the mobiles applications were testing traditionally worked? To understands how mobiles apps testing have advanced, you should understand where it begun.

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Hardware Based Generation: Initially the Carriers and the Vendors used the first generation, hardware base tool to analyze performance of cellular network and the features of the devices and various geographies performance. Such pro gramme can have practiced exercise but require to wires and the component to be added to the phone to activate remote access. So needless to say that this method was costly as well as inefficient – and cause a bunch of head pains or everyone included.

So this 1st generation technology also believed on the other interface of hardware, like as the screen-shot. To interface with an app under Test. Image within the image and the objects characters recognition software were the building block of the converting image into the object. But both of them error prone and the consuming of time. As the apps became more designed richly, IWI and OCR became increasingly the poor at the deciphering text and the identifying the objects of others.

Generation on Software Based:

2nd Generation of mobile app testing tool use a richer, or more intimates and more comprehensive paradigm with the use of software base technology to the test software using instrument already inside such phone and the tablet. Such 2nd generations tool access the objects classes and the attributes information on the direct phone. So fully deleting the requirement for the hardware base approach and resolving the inadequacies of the IWI and OCR.

2nd generation of mobile apps testing tool go into the object class hierarchy of the apps of mobile on the devices, find the objects in its internal representations, and retrieve its attribute to the test perform. This function yield fewer error than the hardware base aproach since information is collected from that software which is under testing.

For an ex: Except the believing on the bitmap of IWI search to find the image on the screen of devices, a cryptographic hash function is used to tag any files or the images to produces a unique 16 bit numbers. The mobiles testing software can then compared that uniquely generated numbers to the bitmap of the applications to search an images. Such function yield greater correctness and the much faster as per performances.

All of us know that such mobile devices become the more universals, It is the critical for the mobiles app testing software to confirm the dexterity during the troubleshooting.

2nd Generation mobile app testing tool – like the trust of Mobile Labs – provide us the most effective and the efficient testing capabilities for the testing of mobile applications testing.

Mobile Tree
Mobile Tree

More about the Labs of Mobile:

Mobiles Labs are a leading provider of end to end mobiles applications testing solution for the enterprises. Architect-ed to strongly integrated with one of the most broadly used test automation solution for desktop and Web app, Mobiles Labs flag-ship products, Mobile Labs Trust, is a cross-platform solutions that perform comprehensive quality of testing for enterprises mobile apps. Mobile Labs always rely to help and ensure the quality of application across multiple platforms of mobile. By automate the testing in real, un-compromised mobile device, the solutions reduce the mobile app regression testing time and activates the enterprise to deploy completely tested mobile application faster, with fewer resources.

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