Test mobile websites friendliness, How Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

Test mobile websites friendliness, How Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

With the bang of Smart phones in the market and the accessibility of good data plan from the markets across the carrier, lot’s of user have begun using their mobiles phones to access the website for the information they required. Yes we have a best websites made for desktop and user can right to use it from their mobiles phone also. But just loading website in the phones is not sufficient for our users. There are several things which have matters for the user like the website load time, User interface The UI, user-friendliness of various functions present on the websites and so on..

But several businesses looks not connect this increase in mobiles browsing with their businesses. The point is that typically 10% (1 in 10) of customer is coming via to our website using mobiles – and that is traditional; for multiple businesses are very higher some of our client are viewing up to 56% (restaurants). If that mobile experiences is not good for us could be behind possible customer.
We put together report list and statistic that should provide us all reasons to become mobiles but here are the key points:
  • With most potential customer coming to our websites on mobiles provide them mobiles friendly experiences.
  • Mobiles customer want in formations – parities the contents and making it easy to find us and call you or find the most important information e.g. restaurant opening hour.
  • Time matter – having a much mobiles websites = too much lower bounce rates on mobiles = more possible clients
GO MO is thee proposal from Google which help developer having a good mobile ready website.

Google have too given the fast tool GOMOMeter which help us to examine our websites on mobiles. The tools show us how our present website looks on a Smart-phone and give a report on what is working and what we can do more good. Users just requres to enter thier websites URL and requires to give answer of few questions like:-

·  Do you view broken image or content coming soon?
·  Can you read the text without scrolling or zooming?
·  Can link and button be pressed with a thumb?
·  Is search functionality accessible easily?

Test mobile websites friendliness
Test mobile websites friendliness

How To Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

The first point to complete is to understand how much traffic is coming from mobiles device. So First to do this login in to Google Analytics with your gmail login info. From the menu present in left hand go to Mobiles then Click Here and it will display us how much visitors are visiting to our websites via mobiles and on what devices. The bigger the percentage the more critical it is to be mobiles.

It’s also worth testing how friendly our websites look on a mobiles or tablets; Following are the few tools:

MobiReady –: we can test our dotMobi and W3C mobileOK compliance
W3C mobileOK tester

These are some points on how to build our websites mobile friendly. Selecting the correct way will depend on our existing website and what we are trying to get.

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