Testing Application Update on iPhone and iPad | Iphone Application Testing

Testing Application Update on iPhone and iPad | Iphone Application Testing

Later on when these applications launching in the market, it become very urgent to test the applications for the update scenarios before releasing the new version in the App-store...

Therefore the main motto is :-
-        Whatever feature are there in the old available application, whether these are working properly or not.
-        So the New feature or bug fix that is going to be the part of our update version is working fine or not.

Testing Application Update on iPhone and iPad
Testing Application Update on iPhone and iPad

Updating the Apps by iTunes:-
  1. First need to connect the devices to iTunes
  2. 1.0 version of app is need to upload now in iTunes, { File – Add Folder / File to Library – Select App – Select device (in the section of devices) – Select ‘Apps’ – Select required app
  3. Now sync this app to the required devices
  4. Now process or conduct the operation under such applications like Save some record, Do some transaction and then upload the required data files  etc.

For an Example -: If under our apps we can see the movie or download the movie then start the streaming Movie, download some movie and for some movie keep downloading under the progress

  1. 1.0 app need to delete now from iTunes (but not from the devices) and upload a 1.1 versions (Higher Versions) apps.
  2. Now you will sync this app into the iPhone / iPad.
  3. Now confirm and verify the entire feature in the available app which are newly identified and already installed one in the previous versions.

Other way to test apps – update is from Xcode as well as. So now what you required to do install the 1.0 apps from the Xcode and the push 1.1 ver. Made on iphone and then test the build app. Even then the configuration from the iTunes simulates almost the same scenarios AS when user updates the apps from the app store.

As I experienced that I faced few server errors after app updates. However 1 to 2 issue could be only regenerated when we validated the apps update test from the iTunes. Hense it is the highly recommended to use iTunes for validating the apps updates scenario on the iphone / ipad instead of the validating it from the Xcode.

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