Windows Mobile applications Automated testing

Windows Mobile applications Automated testing

Windows Mobile

Among operating systems, Microsoft has developed window mobile operating system which has become very popular and a wide-spread operating system.

The system is specially design to be used in smart phones and business applications which efficiently work for data management.

If we talk about business applications then we have several examples of this type application like stock management, fleet management, CRM (Custom Relation Management) which are highly used in windows mobile devices.

Automated testing of Windows Mobile applications

There are some tools provided by Jamo Solutions which automate the mobile applications testing effort running on windows mobile platform.

Its very essential to test the mobile application before it goes live. Those mobile application which include user interface testing, they are executed manual.

"M-eux Test" is a test automation environment tool that ensures:

1) The re-use of test scenarios across different hardware platform. It provides facility to re-use of test case with out depending on different hardware platforms. Today several manufacturers are providing window mobile devices.

There can be different models from specific manufacturer. These Window mobile devices use the same operating system but there hardware characteristics like keys and screen resolution are different.

The main feature of "M-eux Test" is hardware in-dependency. We can re-use a script once implemented across different models.

2) The re-use of test scenarios on different version of the application under test. The Script created by "M-eux Test" can be re-used very easily to ensure that existing functionality is not affected in new version of application. this testing is called regression testing

3)Very simple and easty maintenance and creation the test scripts. Jamo Solutions provided technology is very easy to use, its very readable and to maintain and it can
be re-applied for testing applications across different platform.

M-eux Test technology platform ensures the requirements given above by supporting:-

1) Testing through applications user interface. As manual tester describes the test scenarios by using the elements of user interface, automated test script verify and drive the elements of user interface of the mobile application under test. These scripts becomes fully independent across different hardware platform.

If any new version is released of the application then old scripts can be used to test the preserved functionality. This tool take care of changes like a menu item whose position are now changed to new position. Using the elements of user interface, scripts can be easily read by non-technical tester and can be maintained very

2)Enhancement of pre existing scripting environments. M-eux Test dont have its own scripting environment. M-eux is an enhancement of pre existing scripting environments to ensure fast learning curve and use of gained expertise. User who have test engineering background M-eux provides extension of leading test automation tool QuickTest Professional which is from Hewlett Packard and those users who have developer’s background M-eux provides extension of Visual Studio Which is from Microsoft.

Windows Mobile GUI objects

M-eux Test is versatile and able to recognize most of the Windows Mobile applications user interface objects if they are developed as per Microsoft guide lines

1)M-eux Test is able to recognize user interface objects of windows mobile which are created as per Windows Mobile standards. All the class objects are supported belong to Microsoft Foundation.

2)User defined objects which follow the Microsoft standard objects can be dealt with M-eux Test after configuring it.

3)It also provides special support to .Net Compact Framework customized objects.

4)M-eux is able to recognize user interface written in html for web-based applications which are made to rendered for mobil version of internet Explorer.

It makes M-eux Test supports for Windows Mobile applications.

Windows Mobile applications Automated testing
Windows Mobile applications Automated testing

Business layer verification

Run-on-Device provides the capability to access from test script to the business objects.

M-eux Test and Run-on-Device also provides feature to verify the content which come from database running on the Windows Mobile device.

Windows Mobile System verification

There are some special functions which are used to verify Windows Mobile operating system. The tester can verify:-

1)How many processes running.

2)The running DLL’s inside a process

3)consumption of memory

4)space consumption of memory card

5)Status of the battery

To verify if his application can run in extreme conditions, tester can fill the working memory or the space on the memory cards automatically.

Special functions are going to be launched to verify the mobile communications:

1)SMS messages
2)Data communication
3)MMS messages
4)E-mail messages
5)Phone calls

Supported editions

M-eux Test has the ability to support many of the Mobile Windows editions.


Windows Mobile 5

Pocket PC edition

Windows Mobile 2003

Pocket PC 2nd edition

Windows Mobile 6.5

Professional edition
Classic edition
Standard edition

Windows Mobile 6.0

Professional edition

Classic edition

Standard edition
Windows Mobile 6.1

Professional edition

Classic edition

Standard edition

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