How can assign IP’s to android Devices

How can assign IP’s to android Devices

As we all know that there is a small issue that stops the wifi from being getting addresses and stops at "getting IP address"

Hence you decided to bgin a new thread abut how to arrangement static IP so as the rooting thread doesn’t go off topic
1.) Go to settings -> wireless options -> wifi settings
2.) Now click on the button of menu
3.) Go to "Advance Option"
4.) Click on set up addresses of Static IP
NOTE: The step from here is as per wifi particular

5.) Enter IP as
6.) Enter subset mask :
7.) Default gateway :

for those of you who can not shape still

execute "ipconfig" from a pc connected windows to the network of wifi and just paste the output.

How can assign IP’s to android Devices
How can assign IP’s to android Devices

The solutions are to use a static IP for our WiFi connections, to do this:
From our android devices, Go to Settings -> Wireless and networks -> WiFi Settings -> Click (left) menu button and just select the advanced.

You shall view an option "Use Static IP" under the section of IP settings. Actvate it and enter the parameters like given below:

IP address:192.168 .1.253
Gateway:192.168 .1.1
Netmask:255.255. 255.0
Dns1:8.8.4 .4
Dns2:8.8.8 .8

By doing like it, we should instantaneously get connected to our network of wifi. We have tested this with our BSNL modem of Teracom Wifi.

It seems that your IP of router is different ..
We have considered the bug via ...
Another user have resolved by setting with accurate addresses.

Please don’t quote such entire post ....

and our first post states that : Execute "ipconfig" from a pc connected windows to the network of wifi and paste the output.

if it doesn’t work ..

Remembering a WiFi AP with static IP

Can we set up a WiFi entrance point with a static IP and keep in mind it for the next time We encountered that SSID? I had like to define multiple such APs at home, Always remember them, and automatically connect as they are later discovered.

We have doubt, is that possible
But we think if we just set up a static IP and make configrations for apt. in all of our routers (at business place, at home e.t.c.) we do not require to make changes those again and again

We have two internet connections executing in my place. Our Machines connect to one with cable nice and another one through wifi. by the way both DO have the capability  of wifi. The wired connection is 24 / 7 types while another are switched on only from 22:00 to 08:00 hours. We am using the windows 7 on our machines and have configured them to aggregate the two bandwidths.

So there are 2 different networks to prevent IP address arguments. One is 192.168.0.x1 and the other is 192.168.1.x2. Has anyone take out the way to join to one or another by simply selecting networks while using 2 difference fixed IP addresses - particular to the networks? we can definitely use DHCP, assigning fixed addresses of IP in the routers / modems in our own setup but that would be not possible to do when we are elsewhere.

And sure any help would be appreciated.

For me it is not possible to set ip address, it said "ip address not available" in the advanced settings wifi and does not let us alter it
what should we do?

ð    Surely, DHCP is highly recommended, But what we think,
Select a IP like 192.168.1.( anything) so that when we connect to our home router, we have the IP in the similar Network and when we will join to other networks, we would not be able to view  another PCs there but we think there is not trouble for admittance to Internet.

ð    Do post back the outputs.

To us it is not possible to set up the ip addresses, it said "ip address not present" in the advanced settings of wifi and does not let me edited it.
what should we do?

Not a serious trouble
we require to select a IP that our Router doesn’t assign from its built in the server of DHCP .

Now we have to test the DHCP of Router address in the range of assigning!
For that, let us know the make Router ... 

also what is the address it allocates to our computers?
[If on windows just execute ipconfig via cmd]

We think everyone require to do a fast crash course of networking.
If we have 2 networks, with ranges of different IPs, then it is not probable to have a static IP and correspond to both, unless we route the connections.

Another alternative are to store our IP on the server of DHCP with our address of MAC.

However, if we are using both wireless and wired networks, we can set up the static IPs at the level of adapter.

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