Mobile Device Testing

Mobile Device Testing

Mobile accessorie, Intertek tests handsets, and wireless devices to carrier, industry and performance criteria government compliance.

Several of the leading carriers of world trust on Intertek to certify and test the device that execute on their network. This pre testing program can make little overall time of testing, So protect the reputation saving money.
By selecting Intertek, we are creating the judgment to guard the value of our brand. Intertek can assist decrease our risk by eliminating and mitigating, operational and financial risks inherent in getting ready product and introduced into a new market.
With Intertek, we can cut our cost and lead time, knowing that we will never be cutting safety corners.
  LTE Testing and Certification 
   LTE Capabilities:
  • Data Throughput
  • Protocol Conformance
  • Performance Testing
  • Radio Resource Management (RRM)
  • Radio Frequency (RF)
LTE Certification Services:
  • Online Reporting
  • Testing in alignment with all approved platform suppliers and mobile network operators
  • A multi-system approach based on LTE-approved platforms
  • Testing to 3GPP test specifications and LTE operator test plans
  • Trials to test the platforms on new devices

  Bluetooth Compatibility Testing 
    The test cases for Bluetooth include several details for compatibity cases.
Categories for New Test Cases are as follows:
Profile of Bluetooth Headset:
-        Audio : Setup, Release and Suspend
-        Gateway of Audio with supported levels of Security
-        Headset Compatibility : Phones, Laaptop, PC, MP3 Players
-        Range
-        Call

-        Genera, Non Discoverable and Limited

-        Testing Range
-        Validating the Distance Requirement

-        Handset
-        Navigation System
-        Car Kit
Hand Free Profiles:
-        Entering / Leaving Hands free zone call in progress
-        Initiate Call with Engaged Lock Key
-        Loss of Testing Signal
-        Force Messages Requiring the User Interactions

Traffic Statistic:
-        Real Time Packet Error analysis Rate
-        Header and CRC errors for all the 79 RF channels
-        Performances around the another 2.4 Ghz device

Simple Sniffing of Pico net Synchronization:
-        Slave Page
-        Slave Inquiry
-        Master Inquiry

Sniffs Serials HCL:
Audio Extractions:
Detailed Decodes:

  Wireless Carriers and Ecosystem
Effective ecosystem permit carrier to differentiate their offering, improvement their brand images, reduce churn and give end to end solution for their subscriber.

-        Testing for Device Compatibility
-        Management Tools for Developers
-        Pre certification testing
-        QA The Quality Assurance tools for management
-        Customized strategies for testing of Deveopment
-        Expert Advisory

Device Compatibility Testing:
Verizon Wireless
T - Mobile
  CTIA Testing 
It contains the following test cases:
-        CDMA Testing
-        CTIA Certification for battery wireless and Computer Device
-        What is CATL? How can it benefit for us?
-        CTIA Certification Program Background
  CE Mark 
Following confirmation required:
-        Deciding which directives are need to apply to our product
-        Urgent requirement need to fulfill
-        Set up the monitoring system
-        Set Up accident for reporting system
-        Declaration of conformity issue
-        Saving the Documentation for over 10 years after the any product have been place in the market.
-        Registering with the correct governing body

Body Status Notified -
  Battery Testing 
Additional Battery Testing Services 
  • Testing of Environment: Mechanical Shock, Dust, Knee Load Crush, Package Drop, Service Disconnect,  Pressure, Salt Fog, Vibration, Thermal Shock, Water Intrusion / Spray
  • Material Testing: Properties, Failure Analysis, Identification
  • Terminal Connectors & Disconnect: Current Cycling, Dry Circuit, Crimp Integrity, Engage / Disengage Force, HiPot / Dielectric Withstand, Maximum Current, Terminal Strength / Bend, Mechanical Overstress,
Battery Products and Energy Storage Tested 
  Electrical Safety Testing for Telecom Products 
  CDMA Testing
  FCC Testing and Certification 
  Performance Testing 

Following are required for such type of testing:
Mobile Device Testing
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Juvenile Products
Building Products
Lawn Equipment
Cabling Products
Leisure Goods
Childcare Products
Marine Products
Digital Technology
Medical Devices
Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Products
Photographic Equipment
Electrical Goods
Home Materials
Personal Protective Equipment
Household Appliances
Telecommunications Equipment
HVAC/R Equipment
Pool and Spa Equipment

  Pre-Certification Testing for Wireless  
  Over-the-Air (OTA) Testing 
  GPS Testing 
  EMC Testing for Telecom Equipment 
  Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) Testing 
  Telecommunications Certification Body (TCB) 
  USB Testing for USB Implementers Forum 
  Wireless Field Testing Programs - FIT Kits: Laptops, power inverters, GPS, SW current reference devices, CAIT or dongles and QXDM software.

Command Central: Logistics manager can give scheduling supports, devices provisioning (exact MIN hashing), planning for travel, preparation of temp possessions such as drivers and callers, managing for testing rental vehicle.

Call Center: Give the centralized location for call the temp to works out of and supports multi market coast to testing the coast.

Experience the Project Managers and Technical Experts: Extensive experiences executing Fields testing for Interoperability on the devices with the help of CDMA / GSM / GPRS / UMTS / HSDPA networks in multiple locations internationally.

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