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Mobile Testing for Usability with Problems and Solutions

Mobile Testing for Usability with Problems and Solutions

Now a days the market of software is quite concentrated. A definite task can be resolved by dozen of competing program with almost identically functionality. Finally, the selection for one or other applications are increasingly based on nonfunctional feature. And users interface which gives effective but easy work with product of software can play one of the critical roles when selecting such choice.

BugHuntress QA Labs Company was established in 2001. Our 6 year experiences in the free software testing displays that high quality of users interface generated in around 70% in desktop application. At the exact time same numbers for mobiles application is merely around 40%. In another language, software developer can concentrate on valid and correct executions of the functionality during the users interfaces are elaborated last. So, the issues of usability is quite chronic. This reports cover the given below items:

Mobile Testing for Usability with Problems and Solutions
Mobile Testing for Usability 
with Problems and Solutions

Usability, what it's mean and provide

Standards of Usability

Typical peculiarities of mobiles

Usability problems for Mobile

Successful solution

Automation for Usability testing

- Independent usability testing and role of usability testing

What usability is

So what is usability?

ISO standard specifies usability as "the ex-tent to which the products can be used by particular user to get target goals with efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction in use of specified context". The keywords here are the last three – efficiency, satisfaction and effectiveness while working with any programs. What is usability combined of and what does it provide to a users? There are multiple interpretation. You shall not go into details of theoretical here. Let us stress the points which are too much crucial for the success of product in the present markets. So an interfaces are "usable" if those have.

Aesthetic appeals and provides the satisfaction when product get use. If the products are not considered appealing aesthetically, up to date and fancy (of course, it depend on the context of specified for use and is not the same for office suite and games), the options that any users will purchase it are poor. If a software products did not pass such face control and was not purchased, all the rest containing functionality simply lost all its means.

Intuitive and Simplicity intelligibility of the interfaces (quick learning capability, respectively). Anybody would not like the plan of sitting for multiple hours in order to memorize and learn one and only operation. If there are another programs that provide the similar results and can be done on the first attempt, one would definitely prefer this more user friendly and simple systems.

Forethought and Ease of control the element, menu, order or dialog windows, hot keys and so on which give high speeds of work with the programs. Due to these the programs, it can be used with minimum effort and time consumptions. For an object, in business application it mean to say highest labor efficiency of users.

Taking into account scientific recommendation will give small users fatigability when doing work with the program. Again, it means high labors efficiency of the users with in the long time. Such advantages of the system are fundamental for several customers of corporate. At the last (but not least),

Friendliness and user support (and, minor user errors and consequently). This point is binding related to the previous one. It is critical in such cases as like medical systems, systems of transport control and production, accounting and analytical business applications, as well as several another, where the price of correcting a blunder can be too much expensive.

General problems of usability

Following are few of bugs which causing the quality of usability in the industry of mobile software:

No established the culture of mobile software usability;
Lack of expert specialists;
Direct utilization of PC approach;
Direct porting between embedded platforms and different mobiles;
Fast paced software environment of market.

1. First, Several developers who presently work on development of the programs of mobile were trained also to develop software of PC . During last decades of practice for PC software development there emerged program and interface libraries that became a standard de facto. Even programmers who are not quite experienced in what interests usability can borrow such standard interface, "automatically" developing fairly usable program. In industry of mobiles the situations are differs lot. Usability cultures of such type doesn't exist here yet. Conventional program and libraries are some so far. Moreover, for all platforms there is its own standards, the bases are technologically different, and they see as well as the differently operable.

2. For such ground, approaches accepted for PC are applied to software of mobile. Developer direct transfer an ideology of development of PC to the programs of development for handhelds. As a output, these emerge program for cell phone and PDA with interface rather adequate if it execute on PC but never on a hand held. On a hand held these are inconvenient, sophisticated and bulky.

3. Deficiency of expert specialists. Such problems in Ukraine has its specificity. A subject about the users interfaces development is absent in the curriculum of several colleges of specialized and universities. Some of them suggest a course "Ergonomics of Web-site". But this is highly poor for development of desktop for successful interfaces mobile or embedded applications.

4. The further problems are "direct" porting between different mobiles platform. In the struggle for share market,software developer target at making their own programs supported different mobile platform and diverse models of hand helds. However, since the platform is technologically differ the program is to be redeveloped for almost each of them. Accordingly, their interfaces must take into accounts architectures and phones model, too. Thus, to be successful, a programmers have has to get a wide range of cognition. Such type of professionals are few, and very often program migrated among the platforms without making change in the users interfaces which affect the usability dramatically.

5. Presently software development project is generally time restricted. "To making it faster" is the target of our time. However, "faster" and "thought-out" don't always trust in single project. In the long execution one has to forfeiture something. High quality interface design is often the very high thing that is sacrificed to a tight scheduled. 

Successful solutions

The problems we talked, Nevertheless
above problems have solutions. search engine is a gleaming example for such problems. These advanced systems are built on the basis of mobile technologies and Web 2.0. It can be helpful for both desktops and handhelds. At current a beta version of the systems are released. However, it can take into the accounts of differences of different handhelds and properly adapts the pages content displayed the sizes and another peculiarities of cell phones and mobile devices.

Testimonials of working in our company, testers, also contributed to reaching such nice output.

Automation of usability testing

Independent usability testing

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