Which are the different Internet protocols

Which are the different Internet protocols

Types of Internet Protocols

There are much more on the Internet than the World Wide Web WWW -:

When we consider of the Internet we frequently consider only the name World Wide Web. The Web is one of various types to get the information from the Internet. Such different type of Internet relations are called the protocols. We could use such different software application to entree the Internet with each of those protocol, though we likely would not required to. Numerous Internet Web browsers permit users to access the files using mostly protocols. Given below are some categories of Internet services and examples of services types contains each category.

File retrieval protocols or FRP
Such types of services were one of the soonest ways of getting the information from the systems related to the Internet. We could see the names of on the serving computer stored files, but we did not have any types of graphic and sometimes no descriptions of content of file. We would require to have advanced knowledge of which file contained the viewed information.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
This was first Internet services created and it permits user to move file from one PC to another one. Using with the FTP programs, users can log-on at remote computers, browse through connected files, and either upload or download files (if the remote computer permits). These files can have any types, but the users are only permitted to view the name of files; no descriptions of the files contents are combined. we might encountered the FTP protocol if we try to download any software application from the World Wide Web. Several websites that offering down loadable application use the FTP protocol.
Given below is an example of a FTP Protocol Window:

Which are the different Internet protocols
Which are the different Internet protocols

Gopher provides down-loadable file with some description of content to create it casual to search the file we required. The file is arranged on the remote PC in a manner of hierarchical , much like the file on our hard drive of computer are managed. This protocol is not widely used anymore, but we can still find few gopher websites for operational.
Below is an example of a Gopher Window:

Types of Internet Protocols
Types of Internet Protocols

We can connected to and use a remote computers program with the help of telnet protocol. Generally we would telnet into a particular applications housed on a serving computers that would permit us to use that applications as if it were on our own computers. Again, using such protocol needs particular software.

Internet Protocols Applications - Layer Protocols
The Internet protocol suite contains multiple application - layer protocols that stand for a wide variety of applications, with given below:

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
  • Transfer files between the two devices
Simple Network - Management Protocol (SNMP)
Primarily reports anomalous network
sets and conditions network threshold value
Serves the services as a terminal emulation protocols

X Windows
Serves as a delivered graphics and windowing system used for communications
between UNIX workstations and X terminals

Network File System (NFS), Remote Procedure Call (RPC) and External Data Representation (XDR)
Work combine to activate transparently access to remote network resource

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
Gives the electronic mail service

Domain Name System (DNS)
Translates the name of networks nodes into network addresses

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